The BEST restaurant veggie burgers

Image Burger name Restaurant Main Ingred Biteability GF Vegan NF Avg Scoresort icon
Mini Macrobiotic Burger Vegan Veggie Burger Mini Macrobiotic Burger Cafe My House
Ottawa, Canada
chick peas 5 Yes Yes No 4
Unburger's The Great Falafel Unburger's The Great Falafel Unburger
Winnipeg, Canada
Chickpeas 2 Unknown No Yes 3
The Works Veggie Burger Works' Veggie Burger The Works
Ottawa, Canada
Soy Protein Concentrate 5 Yes Yes Unknown 2
Hurricane Grill - Veggie Deluxe burger Veggie Deluxe Hurricane Grill
Vancouver, Canada
Money's veggie burger, tzatziki spread, roasted red peppers and goat cheese 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

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