About The Best Veggie Burgers

Welcome to The Best Veggie Burgers.

We make it easy to share and find great vegetarian burgers that pull together your favorite ingredients and qualities. This site is a work in progress and we welcome posts and content contributions.

Summer 2011 was the summer of my amazing love for veggie burgers. My brother (a long time vegetarian and self proclaimed veggie burger connoisseur) and I had been sharing recipes and talking about what makes a great burger. Quality ingredients, taste and biteability are all important factors.

We decided to create this site to store our favorite veggie burger recipes and encourage other to try them. Recently we've added the ability to rate and comment on veggie burgers you try at your local restaurants; I got this idea because every time my brother comes to visit me or travels he is looking to find where to go for the best veggie burgers and vegetarian food. Welcome to the site and help us on our quest to find the best veggie burgers!

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