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Rosewood Grill Tex Mex Veggie Burger
Hurricane Grill - Veggie Deluxe burger
Mini Macrobiotic Burger Vegan Veggie Burger
Tofu and veggie burger
Curried Eggplant, Lentils, and Quinoa Veggie Burger
Purple Potato Veggie Burger
Crispy Zucchini Veggie Burger

Recently added veggie burgers

black-eyed peas
Black-eyed Peas
Adapted from Moosewood Restaurant Cookbook, by Moosewood Collective I love all the healthy ingredients in it. Kale, beans,...
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portobello mushroom
This veggie burger tastes great and holds together pretty well in the bun. Good for you too, portobello mushrooms contain...
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Crispy Zucchini Veggie Burger
These burgers are good because of their mild, fresh flavor that goes with many toppings and condiments. Plus they are a...
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Purple Potato Veggie Burger
The list of ingredients for this burger sounds a bit mish-mash crazy but the taste is actually quite nice (if you like...
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Curried Eggplant, Lentils, and Quinoa Veggie Burger
Lentils, Quinoa, Eggplant
These burgers and the photo are by SusanV of FatFree Vegan Kitchen (see link below). I tried these veggie burgers at the...
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Biteability is the term we use to describe the relationship between the structural integrity and texture of a veggie burger. The ability of the burger to hold it's own and not fall part upon the bite, while still retaining moisture.
Rating scale:
0- No biteability, very mushy and falls apart when cooking (if grilling or stovetop).
1- Some structure but still pretty mushy.
2- Firm on the outside but mushy inside.
3- More structure and density, still comes apart when biting.
4- Dense throughout, getting there but not there yet.
5- Lots of biteability, patty is firm but moist, stays together when cooking and upon the bite.

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What makes the best veggie burger?

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